When it comes to tracking down online posts, emails, or social media evidence, Chase Technology Consulting can help. We can help you obtain, or defend against, online evidence. Often defendants argue that they did not send an email or make a certain post online. Plaintiffs argue that the social media post defaming their business came from a certain user.

Tracking down users on the Internet can be a complicated and lengthy process. Chase Technology Consulting can conduct the investigation for you, saving you time and money. We will provide you with a detailed report, explaining all issues in easy to understand terms. We even provide expert witness services if you need testimony to explain the online investigation.

Chase Technology Consulting helps criminal and civil attorneys. If you are defending against an online investigation, Chase Technology Consulting can review the evidence for you, help you understand the steps the other side took in their investigation, and look for areas they missed.

When it comes to digital evidence, trust Chase Technology Consulting to help you understand the facts and provide testimony so the judge and jury will understand the significance of the evidence.