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Arizona Public Defender Association Conference

Going to APDA next week? Check out the two talks I am doing on Thursday morning. The first talk focuses on how to find, obtain, and use location data. You’ll learn how it works, how it can support your case, and how you can defend against law enforcement misusing location data.

The second talk is an updated one from last year – Your Home is Spying on You and the Cops are Listening. Last year I delivered this talk to a full room with people standing in the hallway, so arrive early if you want to see it. I’ll discuss many of the devices that are now tracking us and storing data about what we do in our own homes. We’ll cover how police are using (and misusing) this data and what you can do about it.

New Equipment to Better Serve You

In the ongoing effort to meet the forensic needs of lawyers, I have obtained a new, faster, hard drive duplicator. This is a machine that allows me to make forensic copies of computer hard drives. This faster machine will enable me to copy a hard drive and get the original back quicker to minimize any downtime for business or individuals.

This is often a need for businesses who need to preserve a drive after an employee leaves or is terminated.

We can offer hard drive duplication and preservation at low flat rates. Call or email me with questions.

Help with Drafting Subpoenas for Cell Tower Data

There is a lot of data available from cell service providers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.). However, unless you word your subpoena correctly, you will not get the right data. We can help. If you have a case where you need to get cell tower data to determine where a phone was located, give us a call. I have sample requests and a program that keeps the requests updated, even as carriers change technologies.

Keep in mind that carriers do not save data forever. If you want to get location information, you need to send a subpoena or preservation letter within the following time limits:

AT&T – 7 years
Sprint – 18 Months
T-Mobile – 2 years
U.S. Cellular – 1 year
Verizon – 1 year

We at Chase Technology Consulting are here to help with all of your digital forensics needs from computers, to cell phones, to digital records and more. If you ever have a question or need help, please feel free to call or email.