New Flat Fee Pricing!

We are excited to announce new flat fee pricing for cell phone downloads! With one low flat fee we can download data from cell phones and produce forensic and written reports. In the past, we charged an hourly rate to conduct a download of a cell phone, preserve the data, and generate a report. This resulted in varied pricing for clients, making it harder to budget for the service.

We will now conduct cell phone downloads for a flat fee of $500.00. This will include the download of the device, 1-year fully backed-up storage of the data, forensic report, and written report. These reports will be limited to commonly requested data: call log, contacts, text messages, and pictures.

In the vast majority of cases we see, attorneys are simply seeking preservation and reporting of certain text messages, images, and phone calls. Our flat fee pricing will include all of this standard information. More extensive analysis will still be available at an hourly rate. Discounts may apply for cases involving multiple phones.

While this flat fee package may be an increase in price for some cases, it will mean a reduction in pricing in others. Additionally, it will help ensure predictable, consistent costs for standard work while also offering enhanced services such as redundant backup of data.

To find out more about our new flat fee service package, or to ask questions, please contact us.